Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

and other diseases like Arthritis, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Shin Splints, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain, Neuropathy, Etc.

Penetrex® – The World’s #1 OTC Anti-Inflammatory Therapy.

Updated Note: Please reed the comments below the article for true carpal tunnel penetrex cream reviews ! Then you can buy the penetrex creamPain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Penetrex Cream Review at the amazon images on this page.

Penetrex is a revolution in the treatment of inflammation and pain associated with repetitive motion ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, golfer’s elbow and tennis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, etc.

Penetrex Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Using a unique topical, Penetrex offers glucosamine, vitamin B6, Arnica, Boswellia, Serrata, Hill, MSM, pyridoxine, Cetyl Myristoleate and other proven deep to the ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves.

With Penetrex the consequent pain relief of carpal tunnel syndrome  and other diseases is fast, strong and long lasting. Penetrex is a medical formulation investigated and developed by a chemical known in Southern California to heal and repair.

The formula focuses on the root causes of ailments related to inflammation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, making treatment more profound than other porductos that only mask the symptoms. For this reason the recovery process is accelerated and, in tens of thousands of cases, patient discomfort was successful and hugely relieved.

If Penetrex does not meet your expectations, simply send it back to Biomax and will be returned in full by the original amount of your purchase. Even with a generous return policy in place we receive less than 1 bottle back for every 250 we send.

Bottom Line … with tens of thousands of bottles are shipped to customers worldwide,PenetrexTM has established a proven track record of delivering real results for people who suffer from real pain.

How to use Penetrex to relief Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain?

Penetrex Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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To relieve the painful symptoms caused by carpal tunnel syndrome apply Penetrex liberally on affected area or areas (s) and proceed to massage for a period of one to two minutes until the skin has absorbed the cream.

The appropriate amount of Penetrex to use each time should be sufficient so that the massage applied to the painful area absorb the product soft and comfortable. Repeat the application about 3 or 4 times a day for an initial period of 7 to 10 days and there after as necessary to relief the carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

Penetrex is a transdermal / topical anti-inflammatory treatment should be applied to the outer areas where you experience discomfort, be tingling, numbness, pain or other discomfort like due to inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons, as in carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome pain or any of the other diseases listed above (Arthritis, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Shin Splints, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Neck Pain, Neuropathy, etc.) when you sleep at night, may be useful to do a Penetrex massage on the sore area before going to sleep.

Also, if you experience discomfort when engaging in a particular activity (eg: using the computer, exercising, playing an instrument, etc.) can be applied Penetrex about half anhour before starting work and then after it finalized.

Seeing that the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome improve, reduce the frequency of applications to support the relief and as a preventive measure.

Many users have reported that over time Penetrex offers them more “efficient” … relief of carpal tunnel syndrome pain requiring fewer applications while achieving results faster and more predictable.

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5 Responses to “Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

  1. Gustavo Says:

    I am a natural born skeptic…and I never seem to have the time to write reviews. Nevertheless, I felt duty-bound to not only other carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers but to the inventors of penetrex as well…so I MADE the time.

    I’ve been using this stuff for about 2 weeks and as I write this there’s just one thought in my head. Why didn’t I get started with Penetrex 6 months ago?!?

    My carpal tunnel syndrome pain has almost disappeared and Penetrex did the job that various other things I tried could not. And it did it at a fraction of the price.

    I am only too familiar with the physical AND emotional devastation carpal tunnle syndrome inflicts on its sufferers and if you’re reading this and going through the nightmare, you have to order this stuff!!

    P.S. The directions say to apply 3-4 times/day for 7 – 10 days and from my experience that is an accurate time-frame. The reason is that the product is what is known as a transdermal anti-inflammatory and it takes time to reduce that inflammation.

    This is NOT a miracle snake-oil it is more of a medical, pharmaceutical therapy and you have to invest a little time…if you do, you’ll be rewarded. Good Luck!


  2. Debbie Thornton Says:

    I first purchased CT Cream over 12 years ago when I was suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. Two Doctors suggested I change my job due to the constant repetitive action I did. Changing jobs was not going to happen, so I started searching.

    This product works. It helps tolerate aches and pain as it heals and also found that it heals bruises much faster. When my young son hurts or aches, he asks for the cream.

    My daughter is a fan of CT Cream also, she uses it for muscle aches and puts it on her temples and the back of her neck when she has a headache.

    Penetrex Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel SyndromeBuy from

    I needed to reorder and found “Penetrex” and decided to try it since it was made by the same company, Biomax Health Products. I really like the Penetrex, it penetrates into the skin without any greasy feeling. I don’t like walking around smelling like medicine, Penetrex has a nice almost yummy smell that goes away in a few minutes after applying. This product is absolutely wonderful!

    I have shared both products with my friends and family. My friend recently had an IV in her hand which left it looking badly bruised due to bleeding under the skin. She used Penetrex on it and it was healed and totally gone in less than a week.

    She also found her arthritis was more manageable. Her husband has bad headaches, she rubbed some Penetrex on his neck and shoulders and asked him a little later how his headache was…he was amazed, it was gone. I gave my jar of Penetrex to them.

    As far as both products goes, I find the Penetrex like an upgrade to the CT Cream. I will be sharing a jar of Penetrex with my daughter, her CT Cream is almost gone.


  3. Mark Myers Says:

    I am general surgeon who has undergone bilateral arthroscopic knee surgery with torn cartilage removal.

    Post operatively I have continued to have significant pain with ambulation felt to be patellar tendonitis and bursitis and not recurrent intraarticlar problems based on repeat MRI.

    I have tried every topical remedy available including equestrian products.To this date Penetrex has given the best relief of all products.


  4. Gloria G. Sharp Says:

    Well folks, i have probably tried around 20 different topical pain relievers (otc, speciality orders, homeopathic, out of the country nsaid cremes, veterinary lotions like dmso-as well as mentholated, warming…) i would love to list them all so that it would save you some money on which not to buy but i doubt that the review would go through. i have tried 4 from amazon’s site alone–that was around 86 bucks. so i can speak with personal authority regarding this creme’s effectiveness.

    I have chronic aches and pains of unknown orgin other than age and work, and my son can’t take any nsaid pain reliever due to sensitive stomach issues so i’ve been on a mission to find pain relief alternatives for his aches and pains as well as my own. he dislikes anything warming, cooling, smelly, or with an nsaid in it so the search has been sort of a long process of elemination to learn all of the things he can’t tolerate and to find something that may help. this little jar has none of the negatives other than a very slight/light cool and minty smell which disapates quickly. honestly, even my kid thinks its ok-i personally, think its pleasant, if it is at all noticable.

    Penetrex Pain Relief Treatment For Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel SyndromeBuy from

    Anyway, for me, this medicene is a godsend. it helps my elbow, knees, carpal tunnel pain, hip, occasional sore hand. …you get the picture. the only thing i couldn’t tell it worked much on was my feet bottoms and maybe deep hip pain…. still, it is the best i’ve found to help these areas as they’re just tough areas to treat. after finding my aches better, i returned to the penetrex store and bought an additional 6 (better price in bulk).

    I have one by the bed, in my purse, in my car, at work, and backup in the bathroom. i use it 1-2 times daily usually, but depending on how stiff or achey i am i will use it either more frequently, or on more spots. alittle goes a long way- which is good because the jar is 2 ounces.

    No noticed negatives on how many spots you can use it on like with nsaid lotions. i actually use fewer ibuprephen and tylenol pills now that i have this, and find i sometimes forget to use the herbal antiinflammatory pills or glucosamine chrondrotin , because i just don’t hurt as much.

    It works well enough that i can put it on and go out and excercise within minutes. i have to be a little conscious when doing so that i actually have an underlying problem because i think i could overdo it because it doesn’t hurt after using penetrex.

    My son’s issues are mostly related to tight neck muscles, tension headaches, and migraines so this doesn’t work as well for him but has still offered him some relief. for him the search continues when it comes to tthese issues. but penetrex does help some when i rub it onto his neck and shoulder area and i’m glad to have it as a go to solution for any other aches he may get.

    I don’t ususally write reviews, and certianly not long ones like this. i am hoping that someone else who is trying to decide which lotion to buy will see this and be able to save atleast 200 bucks rather than trying them all like i have.

    there is only one other topical that i have found which comes close to being as effective but it has the powerful cooling/burning sensation which this one does not have. enough said.


  5. Angee Says:

    I searched high and low on Amazon for relief to my wrist and hand pain. I found it.

    Penetrex truly works. I’ve tried it all to find relief for my achy, creaky knees, stiff elbows, carpal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis. Yeah, when you get older everything hurts.

    I’ve tried it all-creams, ointments, vitamins,drinks. All offering help. None did.

    Till now. Penetrex truly helped. I love it. I’ve even given my twin sister a bottle to help with a stiff wrist and thumb gotten from years of crocheting. It helped her as well.

    The fragrance is mild, clean and fresh. I felt an immediate warming sensation. Nothing scary. My knees started feeling better almost right away. The stiffness and creaking have all but disappeared. I can walk up and down the stairs without pain and that annoying embarressing creaking.

    I’ve just finished ordering my third bottle. Okay, one I gave my sister, but it still counts. (O: I wish I’d found Penetrex a long time ago. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and I would have found relief all that much sooner. I could have used it to buy more Penetrex and not products that didn’t work and offered no relief whatsoever.

    Five stars and my undying gratitude for coming up for such a great, great product. Thank you!!!!


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