Natural way to stop or relieve the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

March 20, 2012

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be relief or stopped carrying out some treatments at home or office.It can relieve the symptoms altogether if proper treatment is started when symptoms  appears.

If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as occasional tingling, weakness or numbness in the fingers, hand or wrist follow the following tips to avoid inflammation:

3 Natural Ways to Stop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

1. Rest your fingers, hands and wrist stopping the activities that you considered that are causing pain or numbness. These activities may be are those that you performed very often with your hands, like some repetitive works in a factory, excessive use of mouse or computer keyboard, excessive use of phone, etc..

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain can be relief taking regular pauses in your activities.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Natural Ways To Stop Pain, Happy Men2. You can put ice on your wrist for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, once or twice an hour, and / or taking anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome pain and inflammation. Remember to consult your doctor before taking any medication, he is the only one who can prescribe and suggest the right for you.

Studies with anti-inflammatory drugs have not proven effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, but may help relieve your symptoms.

3. You can use a wrist splint at night to keep the wrist in proper position and relieve pressure on the median nerve.

When the pain stopped you can start doing flexibility and strength exercises with your wrist to prevent the reappearance of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can learn a lot of different exercises to stop carpal tunnel syndrome pain here.

Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Remember to do preventive excersises to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain.

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